Please note that most consultations are time based. Sometimes patients do email in advance of their appointment medical reports, scans, lab results etc in anticipation that the doctor will read and digest the information ahead of the physical appointment. That would be perfect. Dr Reeder, if his patient load permits, may look only briefly at theses notes prior, but generally they would be discussed as part of your appointment time.
If you do request Dr Reeder work on the medical information out of normal consulting hours and prior to the consult, then added time will be invoiced. 
If you case is quite complex please ensure therefore you book appropriate time. It isnt fair to you or the doctor to cram lots into a short time. We do understand budgets -we all have those.   

THE FEES – these apply to:    In-Person, Phone, Virtual Consulting and Email Services 

  • Initial New Patient and long Appointments $425 (up to 1 hour) Includes, but is not limited to: assessment, review health history, investigation of relevant health issues of concern, relevant lab investigations, recommendations moving forward (time permitting)
  • Shorter Consultations and Follow ups $210 (up to 30 minutes)
    Assess initial responses to treatments, identify and explain any test results and continue ongoing plan of management
  • Brief Consultations, follow ups, medication reviews, email consulting etc   $110 (up to 15 minutes)
  • Medical Certificates, Letters, Forms  – From $45
  • Prescription repeats service  $25 or more if entails review of notes by doctor.  If multiple scripts need to go to different pharmacies (requiring staff to generate scripts to email, a fee per pharmacy is charged. (Please let us know your PHARMACY details).
  • Procedures  Please enquire
  • Cancellations 50% fee is charged for no show, so please cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment by phone or leave VM
  • If the consultation is complex and clearly more time is required, additional fees may apply. Please discuss with staff if you have strict limits on appointment time.
  • Additional Fees for ‘after the appointment time’ work on your case by the doctor to provide a treatment plan, or referral letters. This additional fee generally occurs with cancer, complex or unusual cases. We do our utmost to keep this to a fair level. 25% of Dr Reeder’s time is spent on, researching cases, email service etc. This will be invoiced as After-Consult Case Work