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Integrative Medicine

Hamilton NZ

Dr Bill Reeder
MB ChB, Dip.Obst.

It’s the blending of standard Western, pharmaceutical based medicine, termed mainstream,  with complementary systems or treatments. The goal for all should be to achieve best outcome with least harm. It is not either one nor the other.

 The Western model is based on highest level of evidence of benefit and safety conformed from large clinical trials. In general this is the case and of high standard we presume and strive for.

Other ‘alternative’ or natural biological options are usually discounted purely for lacking clinical trials. Realistic thinking is that evidence is in real results of the individual patient ie personalised medicine. Clinical trials are highly relevant for potentially toxic ‘non-natural’ chemicals which need very rigorous testing before wide use in humans. Yet they are pertinent for any treatment, but enabling a trial is very difficult as costs to do powerful trials are prohibitive. So we depend on observational, research and anecdotal reporting. 

 Many patients seek safe, non-mainstream treatment options beyond those offered by conventional guideline based medicine. There may be many reasons for this as we dont always have solutions for complex disorders. 

Dr Bill Reeder, a Registered General Medical Practitioner and Functional Medicine Practitioner, was trained in conventional GP medicine then for the last 15 years has focused on what is now termed Integrative or Functional Medicine to provide evidence based options. He previously worked for many years as a family GP, including delivering several thousand babies – the wonderful but different days of GP practice. Now he offers consultations for certain chronic health challenges that just dont seem to respond or fit with modern guideline-based standard medical care.

 Dr. Reeder does not provide standard GP practice consultations but will work in collaboration with your regular medical provider if consented. Ideally collaboration with your family GP works best for you. A full consult report will be supplied for you 

 Dr. Reeder’s advice and management options are not a replacement for mainstream standard medical care. 
















Change of Life - low Hormone Consequences

As we age many factors play a role. One key area is the decline in our vital natural hormones. For women its Menopause and for men, Male Andropause. We can overcome unwanted symptoms, ‘refurbish’ our vitality, sensuality with natural hormone replacement for men and women. At this clinic only safe Bio-identical Hormones (BHRT) are prescribed. Some prefer herbal remedies. Whilst the sex meds like Viagra are very useful, they dont have any benefits on age slowing, improved mood, brain focus, sleep and many other benefits. Refer to Topics in Menu

Younger Adults Can Have Low Hormones Too

Its not just the older folk who may be struggling to keep their physical and emotional vitality. Many younger women can be at the mercy of unbalanced hormones. Increasingly younger men under 35 even can have male hormone insufficiency symptoms that are overlooked. We look at the causes and then correct the imbalance with herbals or more often safe natural hormones. You will have hormone analysis prior and after treatment. Read more about male hormone deficiency.

Joint And Muscle Pain

Dr Reeder has a decades long interest in musculoskeletal pain. Especially when pain is not responding to standard therapies. Myofascial pain, Trigger points, Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, enthesiopathies, chronic joint and ligament pain from old and new injuries. Treatments include massage, Trigger Point injections, Prolotherapy, Prolozone,  for joints and ligament strains then PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is harvested from the patient’s own blood and injected to the damaged areas. PIT (Perineural Injection Therapy) is a fascinating novel treatment for pain resulting from nerve entrapment.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Functional Medicine doctors see many patients with symptomatic hypothyroidism, usually Hashimoto’s autoimmune (AID) but not always, who have been on standard (SOC) thyroid medications but who are anything but well despite a ‘normal’ blood result. A number have had total thyroidectomy and never regain their previous wellness. They still feel terribly unwell  and worse, often made to feel their symptoms are not real. We do lab investigations and discuss safe alternatives. Read more>>

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Fatigue and Pain are the most common reasons for patient visits to doctors. There many causes and often more than one process going on in the same individual. Dr Reeder may refer the patient experts in heir fields. Further resources may include functional medical lab testing, genetics testing, mind-body work, nutritional optimisation with a Naturopath, deep tissue massage, detox ozone. saunas. 

Intravenous Infusions

 Dr Reeder has  provided IV health optimisation infusions for well over 30 years. 

The IV Clinic is now under new management – IV Boutique – see ‘Contact Us’. 

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