Prolotherapy and Prolozone Treatment for  Pain

Prolozone, an addition to Prolotherapy, can be used for any back, neck or joint pain.

  • What is Prolozone
  • Who is suitable for Prolozone Injections
  • What causes pain
  • How does it work
  • Does it hurt
  • Is Prolozone safe
  • When is it not suitable
  • How many treatments needed

What is Prolozone

female prolozoneProlozone is an injection first of mix containing proliferant (see Prolotherapy page), vitamin nutrients, buffering agent, and procaine anaesthetic (also repolarises cell membranes). Occasionally an extremely low dose of cortisone (less than a mg) can be added to prolozone to accelerate response when very inflamed. Straight after that ozone gas is injected at specific dose and concentration.

Who is suitable for Prolozone Injections

Anyone with chronic back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and small joints of hands and feet – thats most joints.
Most situations are from pain and inflammation from old injuries, wear and tear termed ‘degenerative arthritis’ on xrays or MRI.
In addition other inflammatory pain from arthritis like rheumatoid RA, or osteoarthritis will usually do well. Also plantar fasciitis, neuromas, scars, sinus infections, TMJ, carpal tunnel etc.
Prolozone can also be used for soft tissue trigger points or myofascial pain points.

What causes pain

269_chronic_pain_barrieTrauma initiates inflammation to try and heal the injury. Joints and ligaments have a poor blood supply so healing may be delayed and go on to chronic low level inflammation. Low oxygen contributes to failed recovery by repairing damage. Infection may also play a bigger role than previously thought. Inflammation and released ‘cytokines’ means pain. How much pain depends also on individual’s higher levels of pain perception and genetic makeup.
Some can have really bad xrays but little pain, and the opposite is true too.

How does it work

By reducing damaging inflammation hence pain, increasing healing, repolarising membranes, increasing circulation to the area, supporting mitochondrial function.
There is much research into Ozone and healing. Ozone induces ozonides/peroxides which stimulate growth factors. About 80% of pain sufferers can expect to be largely pain free. See later for how many treatments required.

Does it hurt and is it safe

Very little pain, local takes care of that. It is very very safe in trained hands. I would always go to someone who has done all stages of Ozone and Prolozone training. I have done all this including many years of Prolotherapy injections. From my experience Prolozone adds a new dimension to pain management and healing.

When is it not suitable

Very rarely! An acute disc prolapse compromising the spinal cord. A Toronto team reviewed 8000 patients ozone treated for herniated discs and results were as effective as surgery but without the complications and recovery time. This deeper prolozone is not available here.

How many treatments needed

Condition dependent. Minor niggles may need only one, but generally a second treatment 2 weeks later then again at 4 weeks. Very chronic pain conditions may need 3-4 monthly follow up shots to keep relatively pain free.